Practice Areas

Torts Department

Specializes in personal injuries resulting from road accidents; workplace injuries; claims against the National Insurance Institution;u00a0 property and car damages.

The Firm deals with all matters of insurance disputes, participates in construing insurance policies along side negotiating insurance terms representing both insurance companies and private individuals and companies. The firm deals with various insurance claims, inter alia, personal injury, road accidents, car & property damage, product and professional liability and life insurance.u00a0
The firm offers additional legal activity representing clients in matters against the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Defense.u00a0
The firm provides constant advice in matters of underinsurance, reinsurance, double insurance aspects and risk assessment.

Real Estate Department

Specializes in land and properties agreements; contractor agreements; apartment sale agreements; plots and commercial assets

Commercial Department

Specializes in drafting commercial agreements; purchase and sale of companies and businesses; international agreements, ongoing commercial accompaniment for corporations and individuals; cargo claims and maritime and aviation disputes.

The firm deals with various types of business transactions, legal aspects of trade, licensing, supplier agent and distributor relations, franchise, partnersu00a0 founders and developers contracts, data protection, legal advice on sales and marketing issues. Our international experience and contacts with law firms in different countries enable us to provide legal counsel on international matters such as conflicts of laws, forum matters and jurisdictions.u00a0
Our experience in this field of expertise has been accumulated over many years representing and counseling many companies in Israel and abroad.

Debt Collection Department

Specializes in accompanying and representing creditors and debtors, facilitating the collection through the Execution Chambers, as well as legal representation in bankruptcy and company liquidation cases.